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1807GAGSUKJ - Georgia State University   

1807GASJSSMJ - St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church   

1807NYSTKMN - St. Kevin Roman Catholic Church   

1807ROCHEFAMILY&FRIENDSMJ - Patrick Roche Family & Friends   

1807USTMMJ - Therapy Missions International   

1808MDOLOFMJ - Our Lady of the Fields   

1811MDOLOFMJ - Our Lady of the Fields   

1811MDOLPHMJ - Our Lady of Perpetual Help   

1811NYSFXKJ - Church of St. Francis Xavier   

1901CTSHUKJ - Sacred Heart University   

1901MAMCKJ - Merrimack College   

1901RIURIRXKJ - URI Pharmacy   

1902MDSAAMJ - St. Andrew Apostle Building Team   

1902PACMHSKH - Catholic Memorial Volunteers   

1903GAGCMN - Georgia College   

1905USTMMVJ- Therapy Missions International   

1906CTSTMKJ - St. Thomas More, CT   

1906GADTCMVJ - Dare to Care Mother & Daughter   

1906GASPCMJ - St. Peter Chanel   

1906MAFRANKLINMJ - Team Hope   

1906MDMDSMJ - Mount de Sales   

1906MDSAAMJ - St. Andrew Apostle Parish   

1907CTFPHSMBJ - Fairfield Prep   

1907FLGSLTDR - Good Shepherd Lifeteen   


1907MDOLOFMJ - Our Lady of the Fields   

1907NJCOLMBJ - Christ Our Light   

1907NJCOPMBJ - Church of the Presentation   

1907NJSTCDR - St. Teresa of Calcutta   

1907NVHSKJ - Holy Spirit, NV   

1907NYBVMMVJ - Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians Week ONE   

1907NYBVMMVJ - Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians Week TWO   

1907NYSGMJ - St. Gregory the Great   

1907OHSBKJ - Sellers -Bruzzese Team   

1907RIHAMBJ - Holy Apostles   

1908GAIHMDR - IHM Atlanta   

1908MDOCSKJ - Oakcrest School   

1908NYSPADR - St. Paul the Apostle   


1909DCGABYMJ - Gaby's House Team   

1909MDAntonioMJ - Antonio Santiago Family and Friends   

1910KYWOKMJ - Women of Kentucky   

1910MSCWheelchairKJ - Wheelchair Team Two   

1910NYOLBSMDR- Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament   

1911GAAUMJ - Augusta University   

1911RISMABVKJ - St. Mary Academy - Bay View   

1912MALCHSDR - Lowell Catholic   

1912SCBEHSKJ - Bishop England High School   

19GABRIMN - St. Brigid Supports Mustard Seed Nicaragua   

2001CTFUDR - Fairfield University   


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