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1906GADTCMVJ - Dare to Care Mother & Daughter   

2001CTFUDR - Fairfield University   

2001CTSHUMJ - Sacred Heart University   

2001KYKYNMJ1 - KY North Able   

2001KYKYNMJ3 - KY North Benzinger   

2001KYKYNMJ4 - KY North Lubbe Whalen   

2001KYKYNMJ5 - KY North Dressman   

2001KYKYNMJ6 - KY North Hoffer   

2001MABCALUMNIKJ-Boston College Alumni & Friends   

2001MDMOMMVJ - Mother of Mercy Team   

2001PAVUMBJ - Villanova University   

2001RISRUKJ - Salve Regina University   

2001TXSEUMVJ - St. Edwards University   

2001USTMMBJ - Therapy Missions   

2002GABLMJ - Bob's Builders Week 2   

2002GAIHMKJ - IHM   

2002MABCKJ - Boston College   

2002MDSAAMJ - St Andrew Apostle Builders   

2002MSCWheelchairKJ - Wheelchair Team One   

2002NYRGSMBJ - Regis High School   

2002PAMAMKJ - Donahue Family Trip   

2002RISTMDR - St. Thomas More Narragansett Parish, RI   

2003DCSTJPIIMJ - St. John Paul II Seminary   

2003MDTHSAMJ - The Heights School Alumni   

2003MDTHSMBJ - Heights Crescite 2020   

2003NCEUMBJ - Elon University   

2003NCEUMVJ - Elon University   

2003PAMWUMBJ - Marywood University   

2003USFOCUSDR - FOCUS Dominican Republic   

2003USFOCUSKJ - FOCUS Kingston   

2003USFOCUSMVJ - FOCUS Gift of Hope   

2004GASPHSKJ - St. Pius X High School   

2004MACSHSKJ- Cardinal Spellman KINGSTON   

2004MACSHSMJ- Cardinal Spellman - JACOB'S LADDER   

2004MASJPDR - St. John's Prep   

2004NYHTDHSMJ - Holy Trinity Diocesan High School   

2004SDSTMHSMJ - St Thomas More SD   

2005ALJCHSKJ - John Carroll High School   

2005FLSSDR - Sharing Smiles Therapy   

2005MAFRANKLINKJ - Franklin Friends   

2005MDMOPPMJ - Missionaries of Padre Pio   

2005MDSJNMJ - Saint John Neumann Catholic Church   

2005NYCCMBJ - Canisius College   

2005NYDRCDR - Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY   

2005PAGMUMJ - Gwynedd Mercy University Nursing   

2005PAGOFISHMBJ - Go Fish Outreach   

2005PAMAM1KJ - Move a Mountain 1 - May 30 Kingston   

2005PAMAM2MJ - Move a Mountain 2 - May 30 Jacob's Ladder   

2005PAMUMJ - Misericordia University OT   

2005RIPCMBJ - Providence College   


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